Muddy Waters - JUST TO BE WITH YOU

First performance: 27/06/1994



Bruce performs the song only once as he was guesting the House Of Blues Band, the generic name for the house bands at the venues in the House of Blues ( chain of live music concert halls and restaurants ) in 1994. Springsteen made a guest appearance with the West Hollywood branch version of the band, which at the time included Danny Federici. 


The song can be found on The Anthology: 1947–1972

Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


On a ship that's made of paper
Oh yeah, I will sail the seven seas
Fight a shark with a toothpick
Crawled home to you on my knees
There isn't nothing baby I wouldn't do, sugar
Oh yeah baby, just to bring you home with me
I would rise up with the devil
Oh yeah, I would breathe smoke and fire
Or say were I on a tightrope
Walk a canyon on a wire
Just to kiss your sweet lips, honey
Oh yeah baby you know you're my desire
If a shark bought/bite off my leg
Oh baby and the sea were turned to sand
Turn my po' self over darling
Crawl home to you on my hands
There isn't nothing nothing I wouldn't do baby
Oh yeah, oh yeah baby, just to be with you
Give up all of my money
Whoa, oh baby, I'd sleep right down on the floor
Call my mother-in-law honey
Whoa, oh I'd work for you until I got sore
I would do anything for you baby
Oh yeah, oh yeah, just to get you home once more