Emmylou Harris - Tragedy

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'Tragedy' is a song written by Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowelland and released on Emmylou Harris' 2000 album Red Dirt Girl. Bruce and Patti Scialfa contributed to the studio recording of Tragedy, sharing harmony vocals on the song. Their parts were recorded on 20 Mar 2000 at Closet Street Studio, Red Dirt Girl's producer Malcolm Burns' home studio in New Orleans, LA. The album was released on 12 Sep 2000.

Other cover versions

Bruce performed 5 times live with Emmylou Harris
2013-02-08 Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles
2009-05-03 Madison Square Garden, New York City
2003-08-30 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford
2002-11-19 Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Arena, Birmingham, AL
1995-10-28 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
Emmylou Harris also shared vocals with Bruce on This Land Is Your Land appearing on the Folkways: A Vision Shared VHS and on the The People Speak soundtrack.
Emmylou Harris covers Bruce's songs:

Bruce on the artist


Some say it's destiny
Whether triumph or tragedy
But I believe we cast our nets out on the sea
And nothing we gather comes for free

I would have paid down through the years
A price beyond rubies, beyond tears
To keep you safe with me
But your suspicion and your fear
Your vow to let nobody near
Was your trinity, such a tragedy

I drew the best hand you'd ever hold
Then cashed my winnings in long ago
Settled for silver how could I know
You were waiting with the gold

I could have caused your heart to yield
But I was only a disturbance in the field
Of your dreams
I will never see you cry
You won't be with me when I die
A waste of you and me, a tragedy

We took the wrong train to kingdom come now
No more damage can be done, baby
It's just what the world don't need
It's another stinking tragedy

That's how the story goes
Our chapter's coming to a close
We are history
But I will always think of you
Every day until my days are through
You made me believe in tragedy