John Mellencamp - A Life Full Of Rain

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"A Life Full of Rain" features a guest appearance by Bruce Springsteen on electric guitar. The song is written by John Mellencamp and released on his 2022 ( on 21 Jan ) album Strictly A One-Eyed Jack.
Strictly A One-Eyed Jack is John Mellencamp's 25th studio album. It features a guest appearance by Bruce Springsteen on three tracks: ' Did you say such a thing ' , Wasted Days' and ' a life full of rain '. Springsteen and Mellencamp recorded the three songs together at Belmont Mall Studio (Mellencamp's personal recording studio) in Belmont, IN. On 15 May 2021, during part two of Clive Davis's exclusive and virtual pre-Grammy gala, John Mellencamp revealed that he had teamed up with Springsteen in the studio. "Bruce is singing on the new record and is playing guitar," Mellencamp told Billboard. "I finished the record a week ago today."  

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2021-06-09 SiriusXM Studio, New York City
During his From My Home To Yours show on Sirius XM's E Street Radio channel, just before playing John Mellencamp's 'Don't need this body', Springsteen mentioned that he collaborated with his "good friend" Mellencamp. "I've played on a few of Johnny's tracks on his upcoming record," he said. "We had a great time out there in Bloomington, Indiana." The following day, during a phone call with host Jim Rotolo on Sirius XM's E Street Radio channel, Springsteen elaborated more. "I worked on three songs on John Mellencamp's album, and I spent some time in Indiana with him," he told Rotolo. "I love John a lot and he's a great songwriter, and we've actually become very close. And I've had a lot of fun with him. So I sang a little bit on his, his music... he's got a terrific record that I think is coming out in the fall, I think, you know, I'm not exactly sure."
Bruce performed 4 times live with John Mellencamp:
2019-12-09 Beacon Theatre, New York City
At Sting's 30th Anniversary Rainforest Foundation Benefit

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2009-05-03 Madison Square Garden, New York City
Clearwater Concert in honor of Pete Seeger's 90th birthday
2004-10-11 MCI Center, Washington, DC
Finale of the Vote For Change concert series
1988-05-26 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA
Bruce makes a guest appearances on stage with John Mellencamp and performs ' Like a Rolling Stone'


A life full of rain coming down on my shoulders
A life full of rain here in a room where no one cares
I'm not wanted here, I got no place to go
I've found all is empty in a life full of rain

Your sky is never clear and you can hear that thunder
You know that means trouble, the kind of trouble that won't disappear
So you ask for forgiveness, you know there's none coming
Life full of rain and the forecast is severe

The gravel roads that lie stretched out before you
They are the roads that you've gone down before
Goddamn it, you didn't ask, you didn't ask to come here
So you curse your own mother for the day that you were born

It's all been a trick, a little sleight of hand
Like the clowns in the circus who tells a story but no one understands
So you disappear into the solitude, you go into the shadows
Of a life full of rain with no dry spot to stand

There's a blue-eyed world that said it once loved you
But that was in your youth, such a long, long time ago
As the days went by with your pride walking beside you
Pride you could not swallow and refused to let go

So here you are stuck in a world of your own ego
World where there's no rumors of other lost souls
Who've turned into ghosts and float sadly through the evening
And you thought you were exempt from a life full of rain
A life full of rain that's coming down on your shoulders