Juan Quintero Muñoz - En er mundo

First performance: 19/10/2006


Bruce played the song once as a snippet : 
2006-10-19 Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas, Madrid, Spain

First ever performances in Spain of "All The Way Home" (the song's second tour appearance), "This Little Light Of Mine", and "American Land". Show opens with a snippet of "En er mundo" on trumpet leading into "John Henry". Patti Scialfa is not present. Horn section is Baron-Manion-Ramm-Gayton.


En er Mundo is a Popular pasodoble composed by Juan Quintero Muñoz. A popular pasodoble is made to dance in popular celebrations and social reunions. They tend to be upbeat, but can also be emotional and introspective, with the occasional melancholic or patriotic theme. They usually require a small number of instruments and musicians and have lyrics. Some famous examples are "Islas Canarias", "En er Mundo", "Costa Dorada" or "Valencia". 
A Pasodoble (Spanish: double step) is a fast-paced Spanish military march used by infantry troops. Its speed allowed troops to give 120 steps per minute (double the average of a regular unit, hence its name). This military march gave rise recently to a modern Spanish dance, a musical genre including both voice and instruments, and a genre of instrumental music often played during bullfight. Both the dance and the non martial compositions are also called pasodoble.


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