Bobby 'Blue' Bland ( The ) - Turn on your love light

First performance: 27/11/1970


Bruce covered the song 3 times:
With Steel Mill, in a medley with " I GOTTA BE FREE" 
Two shows, triple bill, with the bottom-billed Steel Mill opening for the second-billed Cactus and headliner Black Sabbath.
1971-01-18 - D'SCENE, SOUTH AMBOY, NJ
Steel Mill headlining with support from Godzilla.
Steel Mill headlining and National Debt opening.
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2002-10-04 FleetCenter, Boston
2002-09-25 United Center, Chicago
2002-09-24 Kemper Arena, Kansas City
2002-09-22 Pepsi Center, Denver
2002-08-30 Savvis Center, St. Louis
2002-08-27 Compaq Center At San Jose, San Jose, CA
2002-08-20 Rose Garden, Portland


"Turn On Your Love Light" is a rhythm and blues song recorded by Bobby Bland in 1961. It has become one of the band’s most identifiable songs.

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Bruce on the artist


Without a warning you broke my heart
You took it darlin' and you tore it apart
You left me sitting in the dark, crying
You said your love for me was dying
I'm begging you, baby, I'm begging you, please
Come on baby, come on please
I'm begging you baby, baby, please
Come on baby, baby, please
Turn on the light, let it shine on me

Turn on your love light, let it shine on me
Let it shine, shine, shine, let it shine
I got a little lonely in the middle of the night
I need you darlin' to make things all right
A Little bit higher, just a little bit higher