Jerry Lee Lewis - Let's Talk About Us

First performance: 18/09/1982


Bruce performed the song only once: 
1982-09-18 Big Man's West, Red Bank, NJ 
Performed during a guest appearance with Dave Edmunds and his band. The song was played with Dave Edmunds on lead vocals. Dave Edmunds also released his own version of Let's talk about us on his 1977 album Get It.


Written by Otis Blackwell, Let's talk about us was originally released by Jerry Lee Lewis as a single in July 1959.

Bruce on the artist

Bruce Performed 2 times with Jerry Lee Lewis:
1995-09-02 Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, OH
The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inauguration concert with various artists. First ever Springsteen performance in the U.S. of "Great Balls Of Fire".  
"It´s pleasure to bring out now one of my, one of my all-time heroes, the one, the only, the man who doesn´t play rock and roll, he is rock and roll, Jerry Lee Lewis !" 

1993-05-20 RDS Arena, Dublin, Ireland 
33-song set includes guest appearances by Joe Ely on "Settle For Love" and by Jerry Lee Lewis on the tour's only versions of "Great Balls Of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On".  

" Oh my God, you know, that can reduce me to tears now. It was so much. It was "Working Man's Blues" – stoic recognition of everyday reality, and the small and big things that allow you to put a foot in front of the other and get you through. I found that Country's fatalism attracted me. It was reflective. It was funny. It was soulful. But it was quite fatalistic. Tomorrow looked pretty dark. And the one thing it rarely was, it was rarely politically angry, and it was rarely politically critical. And I realized that that fatalism had a toxic element. If rock and roll was a seven–day weekend, country was Saturday night hell–raising, followed by heavy "Sunday Morning Coming Down." Guilt, guilt, guilt, I fucked up. Oh, my God. But, as the song says: Would you take another chance on me? That was Country. Country seemed, not to question why. It seemed like it was about doing, then dying, screwing, then crying, boozing, then trying, Then as Jerry Lee Lewis, the living, breathing personification of both rock and country said, "I've fallen to the bottom and I'm working my way down."

Jerry Lee Lewis recorded Pink cadillac as a duet with Bruce Springsteen. He released it on his Last Man Standing album on 26 Sep 2006 (U.S. release date). Springsteen shares harmony vocals on the track. Around November 2003, Springsteen overdubbed backing vocals for the Jerry Lee Lewis cover of Springsteen's own Pink Cadillac. The basic track had been recorded by Lewis in another studio some months earlier, and Bruce merely added his parts at Thrill Hill Recording (Springsteen's home studio) in Rumson, NJ. His contribution was one of the first completed for a work-in-progress album that turned out to be the much-delayed album Last Man Standing, released in September 2006. Last Man Standing consists of duets between Lewis and some of the biggest names in music, past and present. The title derives from the generation of 1950's Sun Studios recording artists such as Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley, all of whom had died, leaving Lewis the "last man standing".


We talked about the birdies
That fly up in the trees
We talked about the moon
And the stars we couldn't see
But you keep on pretending
You don't know what's wrong with me

Come on, let's talk, about us

We talked about the good times
That made us laugh and sigh
We talked about the bad times
That brought tears to our eyes
Now, I think it's about time
For you to realize

Come on, let's talk, about us

Dear, I swear I'll love you, 'til the very end
But I don't plan on stickin' around
If it's just to be your friend

We've talked, and talked, and talked, and talked
But there's been nothin said
The things that you've been talking about
Just don't stick to my head
Sometimes I think, little girl
That your heart is filled with lead

Come on, let's talk, about us

Well, dear, I swear I'll love you, oh, 'til the very end
Well, I don't plan on stickin' around
If it's just to be your friend

We've talked, and talked, and talked, and talked
And there's been nothin' said
The thing that you've been talkin' about
Just don't stick to my head
My darlin' little girl
I think that your heart is made of lead

Come on, let's talk, about us
Come on, let's talk, about us
Well, well, well, well, well
Come on, let's talk, about us