Lee Dorsey - Ride Your Pony

First performance: 27/06/1994


Bruce performed the song only once:

Bruce performs the song only once as he was guesting the House Of Blues Band, the generic name for the house bands at the venues in the House of Blues ( chain of live music concert halls and restaurants ) in 1994. Springsteen made a guest appearance with the West Hollywood branch version of the band, which at the time included Danny Federici. 


Irving Lee Dorsey (December 24, 1924 – December 1, 1986) was an African American pop and R&B singer during the 1960s. His biggest hits were "Ya Ya" (1961) and "Working in the Coal Mine" (1966). Much of his work was produced by Allen Toussaint, with instrumental backing provided by The Meters. Toussaint wrote the song "Ride Your Pony" and recorded it in 1965 .It is taken from the album 'Ride Your Pony'.


Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


get on your pony & ride; all right!
(Ride your pony) get on your pony & ride; ah you're ridin' high!
Now stay beside me

way wes twhere the grass is green
(Ride) California, you know what I mean
(Ride) New York City & Detroit too
(Ride) on to New Orleans, the home of the blues

now get ready
Now shoot! (bang) Shoot! (bang) Shoot! (bang)

now get ready
Now shoot! (bang) Shoot! (bang) Shoot! (bang)

to St. Louis where the girls are pretty
(Ride) Atlanta, GA, what a swingin' city
(Ride) Got to make it, that's for sho'
(Ride) Move on furthermo'

now get ready
Now shoot! (bang) Shoot! (bang) Shoot! (bang)

All right now, stay beside me, stay beside me
(Ride, ride) All right! (Ride, ride)
...& fade