Manfred Mann - Pretty Flamingo

First performance: 13/09/1975


Bruce played the song 39 times in full and 7 times as a snippet:
2003-08-30 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
2003-08-11 Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA
1978-12-31 Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH
1978-12-27 Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
1978-12-20 Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
1978-08-25 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
1976-05-28 Halsey Field House, Annapolis, MD
1976-05-27 Eisenhower Hall Auditorium, West Point, NY
1976-05-13 Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, LA
1976-05-03 Joseph Taylor Robinson Municipal Auditorium, Little Rock, AR
1976-04-29 Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, TN
1976-04-10 Paul Mellon Arts Center, Wallingford, CT
1976-04-05 Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH
1975-12-31 Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA
1975-12-28 Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA
1975-12-21 Seneca Field House, Toronto, ON
1975-12-20 National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON
1975-12-17 Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY
1975-12-16 Laker Hall Gym, Oswego, NY
1975-12-11 Walsh Auditorium, South Orange, NJ
1975-12-06 McDonough Arena, Washington, DC
1975-12-05 McDonough Arena, Washington, DC
1975-12-03 Music Hall, Boston, MA
1975-11-24 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
1975-11-06 Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, Tempe, AZ
1975-10-18 Roxy Theatre (The), West Hollywood, CA (Late)
1975-10-17 Roxy Theatre (The), West Hollywood, CA (Early)
1975-10-16 Roxy Theatre (The), West Hollywood, CA
1975-10-11 Monmouth Arts Center, Red Bank, NJ (Early)
1975-10-02 Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee, WI
1975-09-27 Ambassador Theatre, St. Louis, MO
1975-09-25 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
1975-09-23 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI
1975-09-21 Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Earliest known complete "Pretty Flamingo". 
  •  Snippets
2016-03-19 Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
2016-03-17 Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

1978-11-29 St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN
1978-08-15 Capital Centre, Largo, MD
1978-08-14 Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA

1975-09-06 Theatre Of Performing Arts, New Orleans, LA

1975-08-16 Bottom Line, New York City (Early)


"Pretty Flamingo" is a song written by Mark Barkan, which became a hit in 1966 when Manfred Mann's recording of it was released as a single. The speaker describes a woman—whom "all of the guys call [...] 'Flamingo', 'cause her hair glows like the sun and her eyes can light the sky"—for whom the singer has fallen, and his plans to win her affection. The recording features future Cream bassist Jack Bruce, who briefly joined the band in 1965. The original demo of the song was recorded by noted New York City vocalist Jimmy Radcliffe stylized for The Drifters, but songwriter Mark Barkan was dissatisfied with the overly produced results and had Radcliffe recut the song with a pared-down arrangement.


Bruce on the artist

Intro to the song : 
"it was like, it was the New Year’s night, just like tonight except it was about...except it was about...about four years ago, you know, four or five years was late, it was about, it was about ten o’clock, you know, and uh...had the gas-station next door to my house was open all night, there was, there was people hanging out in there all the and Steve, there was this big, all my life, I spent 18 years of my life with this big Sinclair sign right, right, blaring in my front window, you know, and there’s like, there’s and Steve were sitting out there that night on my porch, you know...and we was trying to figure out what we were gonna do...nobody invited us to any parties, if we were gonna get dressed up, you know, if we, if we were gonna get fancy and go to a club or something and, uh, we couldn’t decide and all of a sudden across the street, came walking down the street, came, like, this girl, she had feathers all in her hair, she was dressed all, she was dressed in red and she was like just, you know, was out of sight ... I said “Steven, look at that girl,” he said (Steve: “I’m looking, Boss”) he said he was looking and we sat there...I said “Steven...that’s a nice classy looking girl, right?...a classy looking girl, must be going to a classy looking party in a classy house and being that we are classy guys  we (crowd cheers) we should follow, you know” so we did, right, we fell in love with this girl we didn’t know and we followed her, we followed her down the street...we watched, we walked about ten blocks...pulled down this fancy street in town and she walked into this house, you know, and the guys opened the doors and you could see the fellas with the tuxedos on, right, and she walked in, we stood out there, it was about ten degrees, you know...and we’re trying to see in the window, you, uh...we’re standing there, it’s cold, we’re waiting for her to come out or something…so I said “Steve, listen...won’t you go up on the porch...knock on the door, right, tell ‘em that, like, that like, like you’re the Mayor’s son or something, right” (chuckles) see, that was, that was, that was cool to him so, so he went up on the porch, knocked on the door, somebody pulled up the shade...then put the shade back I snuck over, peeked in the window, right, and there she was sitting on the couch with this slick looking guy, you know, and they was all crowding around, it was about, about quarter to twelve, and we stood out there, I said “Steve, Steve, I’m in love, I got to find out what this girl’s name is”…but the fact that I could go on with this story and tell you that I did find out…and that we broke into the house and knocked everybody down, picked her up and ran down the street (crowd cheers) but…but…the real story is we gave up and went home, you see, so we never (chuckles) but anyway, we had a name for her…all the guys on my block called her Flamingo… Clarence…I’ll be walking with her and we’ll be talking…about important things…be like on cloud nine…you know how it is when you just meet somebody…I will…and when she walks, she brightens up my neighbourhood…  Audience participation time…(Band: “Sha la la, Pretty Flamingo”)…I’m gonna find her…I will…gonna find her…I’m gonna find her… I’m gonna find her…I’m gonna find her…oh yeah, I will…I’m gonna find her…I know…gonna find her…and when I do…and when I do… and when I do…and when I do…and when I do…Stevie, you know, when I do…I’m probably gonna let her walk right on by…Pretty Flamingo..."


On our block all of the guys call her flamingo
Cause her hair glows like the sun
And her eyes can light the skies
When she walks she moves so fine like a flamingo
Crimson dress that clings so tight
She's out of reach and out of sight
When she walks by she brightens up the neighborhood
Oh every guy would make her his if he just could
If she just would
Some sweet day I'll make her mine pretty flamingo
Then every guy will envy me
Cause paradise is where I'll be
Pretty flamingo pretty flamingo
When she walks by she brightens up the neighborhood
Oh every guy would make her his if he just could
If she just would
Some sweet day I'll make her mine pretty flamingo
Then every guy will envy me
Cause paradise is where I'll be