Raymond Scott - Powerhouse

First performance: 17/12/2000


Bruce performed the song 2 times:
Performed by The Max Weinberg Seven during both 2000 Christmas Holiday shows.Bruce Springsteen probably was playing guitar during this number (assuming he was on stage all night). On the first night, he introduces the song, saying "Good evening! Welcome to the fabulous Convention Hall! Let me give you the Max Weinberg Seven!":
"Powerhouse" is a 
Max Weinberg 7 showpiece
2000-12-18 Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ
2000-12-17 Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ


Powerhouse is a 1937 instrumental, composed by Raymond Scott. Nowadays it is probably best known as the iconic "assembly line" music in Warner Bros. animated cartoons. Scott's Quintette (actually a sextet) first recorded "Powerhouse" in New York on February 20, 1937, along with three other titles. This recording was first commercially issued on the Irving Mills-owned Master Records label as Master 111 (mx. M-120-1), coupled with another Scott composition, "The Toy Trumpet". Both "Powerhouse" and "The Toy Trumpet" remained in Scott's repertoire for decades, both were adapted for Warner Bros. cartoon soundtracks by WB music director Carl Stalling along with a dozen other Scott titles, and both have been recorded by numerous other artists. Stalling, who spiced his scores with "Powerhouse" dozens of times, never created a complete version of the work, with all his adaptations existing as excerpts.

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