Smokey Robinon and the Miracles - Mickey's Monkey

First performance: 03/06/1978


Bruce used the song 7 times as a snippet:
Mickeys Monkey 's chorus while introducing the E Street Band members
1978-05-30 Music Hall, Boston, MA
1978-05-29 Music Hall, Boston, MA
1978-05-27 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
1978-05-26 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
1978-05-24 Palace Theatre, Albany, NY
1977-02-26 Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis


"Mickey's Monkey" is a 1963 song recorded by the R&B group The Miracles on Motown Records' Tamla label. It was written and produced by Motown's main songwriting team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland, who later went on to write 2 more Miracles hit singles, the Top 40 "I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying", and the Top 20 "(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need". This was unusual, as most Miracles songs were composed by the group members themselves.

Bruce on the artist


This cat named Mickey came from out of town, yea!
He was spreading a new dance all around
In just a matter of a few days, yea!
His dance became the new teenage craze.
When the people see him dancing,
They begin to see,
To see this cat do that monkey thing.
It's really something to see,
This cat named Mickey
Doing the monkey.
Come on, let's do Mickey's monkey, children,
Yea, let's do Mickey's monkey, children
Lum di lum di lie
Lum di lum di lie
Lum di lum di lie
Lum di lum di lie
Lum di lum di lie
Lum di lum di lie
Lum di lum di lie
Monkey see, monkey do,
Come on, you can do the monkey, children
Yea, you're doing Mickey's monkey, children,
Do the monkey, Mickey's monkey
Oh, do the monkey, Mickey's monkey
Mickey's monkey