Walter Brown - Confessin' The Blues

First performance: 21/01/1972


Bruce covered the song only once:
1972-01-21 Captain's Garter (The), Neptune, NJ 
Bruce performed the song with the The Sundance Blues Band. (*) . Springsteen provides the lead vocal on Walter Brown's immortal "Confessin' The Blues” and the boogie romp "Sweet Miss Sally”.
Vini Lopez handles the lead vocal on Eric Clapton's "Bottle Of Red Wine”. Steven Van Zandt provides the vocals on "You Know My Love” (mentioned as being inspired by Otis Rush's cover version). This was the opening of a three-night residency for the Sundance Blues Band, and the group's only-ever performances at this venue. The line-up of the Sundance Blues Band for this residency was Southside Johnny, Steven Van Zandt, Garry Tallent, Vini Lopez, and David Sancious. Springsteen, who had only just returned from a month-long stay in California, joined the band onstage for elements of this and the following two nights shows. A highlight is the mesmerizing "Why's It So Hard”, written by Springsteen but sung here by Southside Johnny (there's no Bruce-led vocal rendition in circulation). David Sancious' organ playing on this track is nothing short of spellbinding. Bruce is playing rhythm guitar on all tracks. This material tends to circulate under a variety of dates, sometimes with audio from other 1971 shows added on. Albee Tellone adds: "I recall going to one of the nights listed here but I don't recall seeing Bruce play with them. He may have arrived later as is his habit when sitting in. I left early due to lack of funds to buy beer. It was a dance club full of "greasers" and disco types. I didn't feel comfortable there anyway. Stevie got me through the door without paying the cover charge and bought me my first beer of two."  
(*) The Sundance Blues Band made their commercial debut on April 30, 1971. The original lineup featured Southside Johnny (harp), Steven Van Zandt (lead guitar and vocals), Vini Lopez (drums and vocals), Garry Tallent (bass), and Joe Hagstrom (rhythm guitar). Springsteen made several brief guest appearances during early May 1971, before Hagstrom left the band in the same month and was replaced shortly after by Springsteen. Bruce made his debut as a fully-fledged member on May 15 and would remain in the band through July 4, 1971, after which he departed to devote his energies to the newly formed The Bruce Springsteen Band. The Sundance Blues Band would continue without him, with David Sancious soon installed in place of Springsteen (who continued to make occasional guest appearances). The last known performance of the band was January 23, 1972.


This song is by Walter Brown and appears on the compilation Trouble in Mind: The Essential Recordings of Original Blues Standards (1998).

Bruce on the artist


Yeah, here I stand before you with my heart in my hand
I want you to great it baby, hopin' that you'll
I said baby, honey please don't dog me around
Because I'd rather love you woman, honey than anyone
Else I know in town
Because you're so nice and lovely and you have such
Pleasant ways
If you take to your heart I'll be there the rest of my
I said baby, that's the truth
Honey, I declare I wouldn't lie
Because I gotta love you baby
If I don't, I swear I hope I die
Oh baby, don't you want a man like me?
Can you hear me woman, don't you want a man like me?
You gotta think, you gotta think about our future, baby
And you forget about your used to be
Well, my days are long and dreary
And the sun refuse to shine
I will never be blue and lonely
Only if I knew where you are
I got the blues baby
You can make everything alright
Can I see you today baby
Or will it have to be tomorrow night
Yes, this is still my confession baby
And I'm thrilled by all your charms
It seems that I'm in heaven when I hold you in my arms
Baby, woman you can have me for yourself
You know I was meant for you baby
And I don't want nobody else, no I don't
Hey, you told me that you love me, woman, you meant it
From the start
You said that we would be together until death do us
But you lied to me baby, yes and you called it on the
Now how can I be happy woman, with all the wrong you
When you know just where I stand
I don't wanna lose you woman, wanna keep you if I can
But baby, baby you know I never had a friend
You're my one and only woman, you're all I have that
Now let me come in here