Werner Thomas - El Baile de los Pajaritos

First performance: 30/07/2009


2009-07-30 Estadio Municipal De Foietes, Benidorm, Spain 
Nils opens with "El Baile de los Pajaritos" on accordion. 
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The dance of the Birds is a song composed by the Swiss Werner Thomas in 1957 with the title of Der Ententanz (the Dance of the Duck), and later Der Vogeltanz (literally the Dance of the birds). The author interpreted the theme to the accordion in restaurants and hotels in the town of Davos, encouraging the audience to follow the choreography he himself had devised. In 1970 the Belgian producer Louis van Rijmenant published it for the first time under the title Tchip-Tchip by the group created with the effect Cash & Carry. In 1980 in the Netherlands, an instrumental version of the theme was successfully launched by the Electronica's band with the title of Vogeltjesdans, which was a great success. In French, the producer Marcel De Keukeleire prepared a version sung with lyrics of Eric Genty and voice of J. J. Lionel, which was published in 1980 with the title of the Danse des canards. The success was resounding, not only by the melody itself but by the catchy lyrics and choreography. It was number one in France between 30 October and 4 December 1981.In 1981 the producer Henry Hadaway published an instrumental version in the United States, which reached the number 2 in the list of the most sold items in October 1981. It arrived to Spain also in 1981 by the hand of the accordionist Maria Jesus, who also incorporated lyrics with the title of the Dance of the birds. The theme became a real social phenomenon in Spain at the time. It was even recorded a film titled The Birds and starring Maria Jesus. It was also covered by the children's band Ludo. It reached the number one of the 40 principals the week of October 17, 1981. The Italian version (Il Ballo qua qua) was interpreted by Romina Power and was published in 1981.

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