Will Glahé - Beer Barrel Polka

First performance: 27/09/2003


The song was played once:
"Beer Barrel Polka" is Danny on the accordion, played by sign request. Probably because to the citizens of Milwaukee, 'Beer Barrel Polka' is also known as the seventh inning stretch song for the Milwaukee Brewers, and that night the E Street Band was playing in the Brewers’ house.


"Beer Barrel Polka", also known as "The Barrel Polka" and "Roll Out the Barrel", is a song which became popular worldwide during World War II. The music was composed by the Czech musician Jaromír Vejvoda in 1927. Eduard Ingriš wrote the first arrangement of the piece, after Vejvoda came upon the melody and sought Ingriš's help in refining it. At that time, it was played without lyrics as "Modranská polka" ("Polka of Modrany"). Its first text was written later (in 1934) by Václav Zeman – with the title "Škoda lásky" ("Wasted Love"). The polka became famous around the world. In June 1939, "Beer Barrel Polka", as recorded by Will Glahé, was number one on the Hit Parade. This version was distributed by Shapiro Bernstein. Glahé's earlier 1934 recording sold many copies in its German version Rosamunde (it is possible the reason for the rapid spread was due to the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany, and subsequent emigration of thousands of Czechs to other parts of the world, bringing this catchy tune with them).

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