Blind Lemon Jefforson - Match Box Blues

First performance: 17/03/1996


Bruce used the song only once as a snippet:
1996-03-17 Mean Fiddler (The), Dublin, Ireland 
First performances in Europe of "All Just To Get To You" and "Oh, Boy!", as well as "Long Tall Sally". "Fingernails" is played in a medley with snippets of "That Black Snake Moan", "Matchbox", and "Buddy Brown's Blues".


"Matchbox" is a blues song written and recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1927. It was recorded as a rockabilly song by Carl Perkins in December 1956 and by Jerry Lee Lewis in 1958. The Carl Perkins tune shares some lyrics with 1920s blues songs by Ma Rainey and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Sam Phillips and Sun Records released the Carl Perkins version as the B-side to "Your True Love". Although only the A-side became a record chart hit in 1957, "Matchbox" is one of Perkins' best-known recordings. A variety of musicians have recorded the song, including the Beatles.

Bruce on the artist


How far to the river, mama, walk down by the sea
How far to the river, walk down by the sea
I got those tadpoles and minnows all in over me
Standing here wonderin' will a matchbox hold my clothes
I'se sittin' here wonderin' will a matchbox hold my clothes
I ain't got so many matches but I got so far to go
Lord, Lord, who may your manager be?
Hey, mama, who may your manager be?
Reason I ask so many questions, can't you make friends match for me?
I got a girl cross town she crochet all the time
I got a girl cross town crochet all the time
Baby if you don't quit crochet-in you gnnna lose your mind
I wouldn'y mind marryin', but I can't stand settlin' down
I don't mind marryin', but Lord, settlin' down
I'm gonna act like a preacher so I can ride from town to town
Well, I'm leavin' town, but that won't make me stay
I'm leavin' town, cryin' won't make me stay
Baby, the more you cry, the farther you drive me away