Georg Riedel & Anders Widmark - Idas Sommervise

First performance: 09/06/2009


The band entered the stage with "Idas Sommarvisa", performed by Nils on accordion. 
2009-06-07 Stockholms Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden
2009-06-05 Stockholms Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden
2009-06-04 Stockholms Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden 


"I make the flowers bloom", commonly known as "Ida's summer show" is a Swedish-language children's song with the summer theme. Astrid Lindgren wrote the text while Georg Riedel composed the melody for the film Emil and the pig knife from 1973, where it was sung by Lena Wisborg who plays Ida. "I make the flowers bloom" has three verses and have become common on school closures, where it has become popular and is considered a non-religious alternative to 'Den blomstertid nu kommer' (The flower time now comes) and "I denna ljuva sommartid" (In this sweet summer time)

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Bruce on the artist


You shouldn't believe that summer will come
Unless someone gets a move on
in the summer and makes it a little summer-like
because then the flowers will come soon.
I make the flowers blossom
the entire cow pen green
and now the summer has come
because I have just got rid of the snow

I make a lot of water in the creek
like when it swirls and rushes
I make plenty of swallows that flies
and mosquitoes that the swallows take
I make the leaves new on the trees
and small birds nests here and there
I make the sky beautiful in the evening
because I make it all pinkish

And wild strawberries, I'll make for the children
Because I think that they should have it
and other small funny things
that suits when the children are little
And I make such funny places
where the children can run about
then the children will get full of summer
and legs that will joyfully run