James Brown - Cold Sweat

First performance: 29/04/2003


Bruce used the song only once and once as a snippet:
2001-05-27 Stone Pony (The), Asbury Park, NJ 
Bruce joins Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes onstage for an hour. Graham Parker also takes part in this show. "I've Been Working Too Hard" features a lengthy snippet of Parker's "The New York Shuffle" in the intro. Southside and Bobby Bandiera sing a snippet of "Unchained Melody" before the closing "Having A Party". The event is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Southside's legendary radio broadcast from the Stone Pony. 
  • Snippet 
2003-04-29 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ 
Southside Johnny takes lead vocals on "Cold Sweat" before starting Twist and Shout. Billed as "The Hope Concert," the event was a benefit for Robert Bandiera Jr., son of the local band leader and guitarist Bobby Bandiera, a longtime colleague of Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Bobby Bandiera and his band are the house band. The above setlist only includes the songs that feature Springsteen in some capacity. Other artist's songs include "Water" by Everett Bradley solo acoustic; "Here Comes The Sun" and "I'll Never Find Another You" by Bobby Bandiera solo acoustic, and "I Shall Be Released" by Norman Nardini solo acoustic. Bobby Bandiera plays on all (band) songs. For the all performers songs, leads vocals are taken by Southside Johnny on "A Change Is Gonna Come"; Bruce, Southside Johnny, Jon Bon Jovi, and Gary U.S. Bonds on "Having A Party"; Southside Johnny on "Cold Sweat"; Jon Bon Jovi on "Twist And Shout"; Bruce and Gary U.S. Bonds on "Quarter To Three"; and Bruce on "Seven Nights To Rock".
THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL (Jon Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny, Gary U.S. Bonds, and Bobby Bandiera) / THE E STREET SHUFFLE (with The Max Weinberg 7) / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT (with The Max Weinberg 7) / JOLE BLON (with Gary U.S. Bonds) / THE FEVER (with Southside Johnny) / KITTY'S BACK (with The Max Weinberg 7) / SOUL DEEP (with Gary U.S. Bonds) / THIS LITTLE GIRL (with Gary U.S. Bonds) / THUNDER ROAD (with Jon Bon Jovi and The Max Weinberg 7) / ROSALITA (COME OUT TONIGHT) (with Jon Bon Jovi and The Max Weinberg 7) / A CHANGE IS GONNA COME - HAVING A PARTY (with all performers) / COLD SWEAT - TWIST AND SHOUT (with all performers) / QUARTER TO THREE (with all performers) / SEVEN NIGHTS TO ROCK (with all performers)  



"Cold Sweat" is a song performed by James Brown and written with his bandleader Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis. Brown recorded it in May 1967. An edited version of "Cold Sweat" released as a two-part single on King Records was a No. 1 R&B hit.

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Bruce on the artist

2021-06-30 SiriusXM Studio, New York City

Bruce played Night Train during Episode 24 of the 'From My Home to Yours' series, themed "Night Time Is the Right Time".
" That was the hard funk of James Brown, the man who is, without a doubt, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Whatever you're hearing with a funky groove on it today, or if you're listening to any R&B, hip-hop, rap, the roots of the Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother No. 1 James Brown are buried in there somewhere."
"Young musicians, learn how to bring it live, and then bring it night, after night, after night, after night. Your audience will remember you.Your ticket is your handshake. These skills gave me a huge ace up my sleeve. And when we finally went on the road, and we played that ace, we scorched the Earth, because that's what I was taught to do by Sam Moore, and by James Brown. There's no greater performance than James Brown burning ass on the Rolling Stones at The T.A.M.I. show. Sorry, sorry, my friends. I fucking loved the Stones. But James Brown – boys and men, you were screwed. Yeah, I think I'll go on after James Brown. Oh, yeah, can you put me in the schedule somewhere after James Brown? Fuck, no. Get out. Go home. Save it. Don't waste it, man. I had a great thing with James Brown. I went to see James Brown one night, and he kind of knew me. I was sitting in the audience, and, suddenly I heard: Ladies and gentlemen, Magic Johnson, and Magic Johnson was onstage. And: Ladies and gentlemen, Woody Harrelson, and he was on stage. And then I'm sitting in my seat, watching, I hear: Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Mr., Mr. "Born in the USA." And I realized he didn't know my name, so I ran my ass up there as fast as I could. I can't tell you, man, standing on stage alongside of James Brown…it was like, "Fuck, what am I doing here? He's such a, his influence. James Brown, underrated, still, today, underrated. He's, He's Elvis. He's Dylan. Dylan from whom I first heard a version of the place that I lived that felt unvarnished and real to me……"


I don't care ha! about your past
I just want ho! our love to last Dee
I don't care darlin' about your faults huh
I just want to satisfy your pulse
When you kiss me
When you mess me
Hold my hand
Make me understand
I break out, in a cold sweat
Ho! Uh! Ho!
I don't care about your wants
I just want to ha! tell ya about the does and don'ts
I don't care about the way you treat me darlin' ha!
I just want huh! to understand me honey
When you kiss me
And ya miss me
You hold me tight
Make everything all right
I break out in a cold sweat heh!
Mercy on me
C'mon now
Put it, put it where it's at now
Let him have it