Neal Hefti - Batman Theme

First performance: 22/09/1979


Bruce used the song only once as a snippet:

Second MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) Benefit concert, also known as "No Nukes".  "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" features an instrumental snippet of the "Batman Theme" after Max's introduction. Contains the infamous Lynn Goldsmith moment during "Quarter To Three" - Goldsmith (Bruce's ex-girlfriend) was taking photos, which Bruce thought she had agreed not to do. He drags her up on stage, announces her as "my ex-girlfriend" and then has her escorted away. Tom Petty joins along with Jackson Browne and Rosemary Butler for "Stay".


"Batman Theme", the title song of the 1966 Batman TV series, was composed by Neal Hefti. This song is built around a guitar hook reminiscent of spy film scores and surf music. The eleven cries of "Batman!" are sung by a chorus of four tenors and four sopranos (performed by The Ron Hicklin Singers). A long-held myth purports that the chorus is actually a group of horns. Adam West's book Back to the Batcave also fuels this rumor by claiming the chorus is instrumental, not vocal. However, Neal Hefti, the writer of the theme, stated that the chorus was made up of eight singers, one of whom jokingly wrote on his part, "word and music by Neal Hefti".

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